BC Funding Projects to Expand Use of Fiber to Benefit Forestry Workers and Communities

New funding for the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC) will benefit forestry workers and communities throughout the province. The funding will be used to increase fiber supply aimed at keeping people working and local mills running, while at the same time also reduce wildfire risks and reduce climate emissions.

With an investment of $50 million (CAD) from the province, FESBC will expand funding for projects and programs that will increase the use of low-value or residual fiber, including trees damaged by recent wildfires and waste left over from logging that would otherwise have been burned in slash piles.

FESBC has already supported 263 projects throughout BC, and 43 of these projects have been in partnership with First Nations. These projects have benefited 120 different communities and have created approximately 2,200 full-time-equivalent jobs.

As part of the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030, the province will work toward the near elimination of slash pile burning by 2030 and increasingly divert materials away from slash piles, reducing both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while creating new economic opportunities.

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