Alberta Forest Companies Plant Over 100 Million Trees in the Province’s Forests in 2021

Alberta’s forest companies have planted over 100 million trees in the province’s forests in 2021. That number amounts to planting three trees for every one that is harvested — or 23 trees for every resident of the province, or (even more impressive) 100,000 trees for every grizzly bear in Alberta. Alberta’s native tree species typically have a maximum lifespan of approximately 150 years.

Currently, the province has significantly more mature forests the result of sustainable forest management practices, including measures to limit the spread of wildfire. Planting more trees than are harvested is just one piece of the industry’s efforts to ensure forest sustainability.

Companies make detailed, 200-year plans before harvesting takes place — which are re-evaluated every 10 years, partner with researchers to apply science-based best practices in forest management, tend to new forests for at least 14 years after they have been replanted, and actively support research on forest ecosystems and wildlife.

Jason Krips, President and CEO, Alberta Forest Products Association, in commenting on the major tree planting accomplishment this year said, “Planting 100 million trees in one season is a significant step in ensuring Alberta’s forests are perpetually sustainable. Our members take sustainability very seriously and are strongly committed to giving back more than we take to ensure the health of Alberta’s forests for now and for future generations. We don’t look at our forests as just an economic benefit, but rather as a resource with crucial environmental, social, and cultural benefits.”

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Alberta forest companies’ plant over 100 million trees in one season