52 Large Wildfire Continue to Burn Across the U.S. with Only 1 is Listed as Contained

The National Interagency Fire Center reported today (10-4-21) that there are 52 large wildfires burning nationally on over 2,985,979 acres. No new large fires were being reported as of today.

Fall-like temperatures and wet weather conditions continue to help wildland firefighters work toward containment goals. However, as of today only 1 wildfire, the Sandy Creek fire in Wyoming, is listed as contained.

Since January 1, 2021, 46,508 wildfires have scorched more than 5,945,756 acres in the United States. In comparison, for the same time period in 2020 — which was considered a ‘bad’ fire season — 44,714 wildfires were reported and they had consumed 7,818,340 acres.

The breakdown of wildfires by state is as follows: Idaho, 18; California, 9; Montana, 8; Oregon, 6; Washington, 4; Wyoming, 3; Nevada, 2; Colorado, 1; and Oklahoma, 1.

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National Fire News