International Accreditation Service® Announces Additional Requirements for Testing of Brazilian Plywood Being Imported into the U.S.

In response to 10 U.S. domestic plywood producers, who make up the “U.S. Structural Plywood Integrity Coalition” and their filing of a claim under the Lanham Act, claiming the false labeling against three U.S. Certification agencies: Timber Products Inspection (TPI), PFS TECO, and the International Accreditation Service® (IAS), in regards to plywood being imported into the U.S. from Brazil, the IAS announced, on Friday 6/19, additional requirements for IAS-accredited organizations conducting inspections or testing of plywood products manufactured in Brazil. The following additional oversight procedures are effective immediately: In connection with upcoming reassessments of Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (“TPI”) and PFS Corporation (“PFS-TECO”) in 2020, IAS will consider publicly available information from the pending action U.S. Structural Plywood Integrity Coalition et al v. PFS Corporation, Case No. 0:19-cv-62225-RKA (S.D. Fla.), regarding the accreditation of TPI and PFS-TECO to serve as inspection and testing agencies serving the plywood industry in Brazil.

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