Wind Turbines Made of LVLs Help to Meet Europe’s Growing Demand for Wind Power

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Wooden wind turbines gain traction in Europe, could come to U.S.

In Europe, the demand for wind power is steadily increasing. As a result, turbines to meet that growing demand are getting larger and larger. This in turn has created some logistical issues. To help solve those logistical issues, a small Swedish startup company, Modvion, that specializes in turbines made from laminated-veneer lumber (LVL) has entered the marketplace. Modvion’s towers feature a patented modular system, enabling them to be easily transported and set up on site. They also feature many of the same advantages of cross-laminated timber. Modvion CEO Otto Lundman, says that “Laminated wood is stronger than steel at the same weight and by building in modules, the wind turbines can be taller. By building in wood, we also reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing and instead store carbon dioxide in the design.” Modvion installed its first turbine — a 100-foot tower for research purposes — on a Swedish island last April. It plans to build its first commercial tower in 2022. The company hopes to expand into the U.S., saying its material builds upon the established laminated wood veneers already used in the construction industry.

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