Swinerton Mass Timber Brand Transitions to Timberlab

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Timberlab mass timber construction company is launched

Swinerton Inc., the Portland Oregon based, 100% employee-owned company, has announced that it will be transitioning the Swinerton Mass Timber brand to Timberlab, while reinforcing the company’s general contracting roots and retaining the company’s vision of the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction. Swinerton said that Timberlab has “mastery” over timber engineering practices, timber fabrication, the mass timber supply chain and installation. Timberlab promises to deliver the full lifecycle of a mass timber project from inception to installation.

In a statement prepared for the announcement, Timberlab’s President Chris Evans said, “Our goal at Timberlab is to make your mass timber projects pencil and be your partner and resource wherever you require support in that process — we know how to design timber with the whole structure in mind. It’s part of Timberlab’s vision to promote the mainstream adoption of mass timber and show how sustainable development can be both financially beneficial and achievable.”

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