Structurlam Ready to Lead Climate-Smart Construction with New Facility Ready to Open in Conway, Arkansas

Hardy Wentzel, a 40-year veteran of the timber sector and CEO of Structurlam, the Penticton, B.C.–based firm, reports that Structurlam is close to commissioning their first U.S. plant in Conway, Arkansas. The new 287,000-square-foot facility will produce glulam and CLT, just as the existing three Structurlam plants in Penticton do, but the U.S. site will have double the production capacity of the Canadian plants.

When complete, the four Structurlam plants will be capable of producing three 200,000-square-foot mass timber buildings per month.

Wentzel noted, that as both the U.S. and Canadian governments pursue green building goals as part of their efforts to achieve their Paris climate commitments, the mass timber sector is well positioned to become essential suppliers. “Both countries are well poised to really do well in mass timber. We have a building-with-wood culture, more so than anywhere else in the world.”

In the end, Wentzel said, it is consumers who will drive acceptance of mass timber in the industry.

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Mass timber sector poised to be leaders in ‘climate-smart construction’: Structurlam