Oregon Mass Timber Coalition Project Selected as Finalist for New Federal Funding

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Oregon Mass Timber Coalition's manufacturing facility proposal a finalist for BBB funding

A proposed project by the Oregon Mass Timber Coalition to create a mass timber modular facility in Portland has been selected as one of 60 finalists for new federal funding through the $1 billion Build Back Better Regional Challenge.

The vision for the initiative had multiple parts. The facility would house a manufacturing infrastructure and training center, creating a training center to build a more skilled construction workforce. It would build on mass timber research by having multiple testing facilities and working to build new housing prototypes.

It also would create more job pathways in urban and rural areas of Oregon, as well as support wildfire reduction through forest restoration.

It was awarded an initial $500,000 to create a strategy for the facility, to make its plan stand out as a worthy investment in the federal infrastructure plan. If chosen to move forward, they could receive up to $100 million to expand mass timber production, boost jobs (especially in rural areas), help with wildfire prevention, and lead to more affordable housing.

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