New 4-Story Mass Timber Building in Downtown Vancouver B.C. to Showcase the Use of Mass Timber Construction in Commercial Buildings

The use of mass timber as a building material lowers emissions, promotes innovation, and supports value-added manufacturing. That is why Canada is investing in the use of mass timber in building applications to support Canadian forestry workers with new uses of for wood. With that in mind, Terry Beech, Member of Parliament for Burnaby North–Seymour, on behalf of the Honorable Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources, today announced a $900,000 investment to support the design and construction of oN5, a four-story mass timber office building, to become the new home of Equilibrium Consulting in downtown Vancouver British Columbia. oN5 will be a smart growth infill building that will demonstrate what is possible in mass timber construction. oN5 will be the first office building in Canada constructed using high-performance cross-laminated timber panels. The project will showcase the potential for mass timber in commercial construction, which is designed to achieve high levels of occupant comfort and energy efficiency. oN5 will incorporate several sustainable building technologies — most notably, the use of mass timber and strategies based on Passive House principles, making oN5 energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable, and ecological at the same time.

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New Mass Timber Office Building Coming to Downtown Vancouver