Mass Timber and Prefab Construction—Better Together

In an interview with Professional Builder (9-18-23), Todd Beyreuther, director of product at Mercer Mass Timber (MMT), highlighted how mass timber and prefab housing construction can be stronger together.

MMT is a subsidiary of Mercer International, a global producer of pulp and wood products. At its factories in Arkansas, British Columbia, and Washington, MTT has traditionally produced cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glued-laminated timber (GLT) for beams and columns used in large commercial buildings.

While the commercial mass timber market continues to grow, MMT is also increasingly supplying mass timber for both detached and attached housing projects—including prefab panelized and volumetric modular construction.

Commenting on MTT’s interest in housing, Beyreuther said, “That’s where the mass timber industry is going,” according to Professional Builder. “It’s an important market that’s in need, but it’s also moving more and more toward prefabrication. Mass timber is inherently prefab, so it’s a natural progression.”

MMT is following that natural progression by creating mass timber products for prefab factories.

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