Hasslacher Group Acquires 40% Stake in Egoin Wood Group

Hasslacher Group announced earlier in the week that it has acquired a 40% stake in Egoin Wood Group. Based in Spain, the Egoin Wood Group is an international timber industry company with sites in Ea (Biscay) and Leguito (Araba). The company has over 30 experienced engineers who work with leading architects, developers, and contractors in the design of timber construction solutions.

According to the press release, Egoin Wood Group currently has a total production capacity of 22,000 m3 engineered timber products—14,000 m3 cross laminated timber and 8,000 m3 glulam—which is expected to double to up to 52,000 m3 when the third cross laminated timber plant in Legutio comes on stream in mid-2023.

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