George Brown College to Build Ontario’s Tallest Wood Building

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‘Mass timber’ movement breaking ground on Ontario’s tallest wood building

On Tuesday morning (12-14-21), the movement to build large structures from specially engineered wood, frequently called mass timber, got a major boost when George Brown College broke ground on what will be Ontario’s tallest wood building. The building will be called Limberlost Place, after Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario’s Muskoka region, and is being funded in part by a $10 million (CAD) donation from Jack Cockwell, a veteran Bay Street deal maker. The donation is the largest ever to be received by a college in Ontario.

In an interview with, Gareth Cockwell, who is Limberlost’s managing director and the son of Jack Cockwell, he used the term “plyscraper” to describe the 10-story home for George Brown College schools of computing and architecture programs. The building will also house a daycare center.

Cockwell went onto say that “We want people to have a positive outdoor experience in a natural space.”

Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

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