Eco Development Group to Build CLT House Kits Plant for Residential Construction in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, is about to become the home of a new 400,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that will produce cross-laminated timber (CLT) house kits for residential construction use in Canada. The house kit also includes all interior workings of the house. Groundbreaking is scheduled to take place later this summer. Andrey Vovchenko, general manager of Eco Development Group, says the company plans to introduce European technologies and building concepts that will modernize Canadian home design, elevating both the caliber of the construction and the quality of life for residents. Although less expensive, the light-frame technique most commonly used in Canada doesn’t offer the same quality as more advanced European design methods, he said. During the first of a two-phase plant development process, the company will import CLT panels from their European supplier and cut them to size at the Parry Sound shop. A dedicated construction crew will then be deployed to build the houses on site. In the second phase, Eco Development Group will start manufacturing its own panels at the Parry Sound shop, sourcing the wood from Northern Ontario forests. At full capacity, Vovchenko estimates the plant will be able to produce one single-family house per day.

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Construction on $47M engineered wood plant to start this summer