Cree Building and Walbridge Announce Milestone Partnership

A milestone partnership has been announced between Cree Building Systems, an Austria-based company, and Walbridge, a Detroit-based global construction company. The two companies discovered their processes to be very like-minded as both are very methodical in their approach. Cree Building is a system for timber-hybrid buildings that utilizes prefabricated components. Focusing on sustainable construction, the license agreement with Detroit-based constructor Walbridge will support major customers across North America and the globe as many companies continue their pledge to minimize carbon footprints. The partnership can help customers achieve carbon reduction pledges while maintaining high standards of quality and design. In commenting about the partnership Hubert Rhomberg, founder and CEO of Cree GmbH, said the partnership is a testament to the level of quality both companies expect out of every project. “I am happy to start our US operations with such a strong, committed and trustworthy partner.”

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