Colorado Firm Bringing CLT Usage to Smaller, Rural Settings

As the climate in Colorado continues to dry and warm, wildfire mitigation efforts such as forest thinning are becoming ever more important. However, much of the thinned wood often ends up in a landfill or is otherwise wasted.

Timber Age Systems (TAS), a Durango, Colorado-based company is working to change that. TAS is working with smaller trees, beetle-killed material, and other wood products that don’t always meet commercial needs and turning them into cross-laminated timber (CLT), but on a smaller size scale, for rural use. This is opposed to the current and traditional use in urban settings and high-rise buildings.

TAS noted that buildings built with CLTs can be up to 80% more efficient that traditional construction materials such as steel and concrete whether in an urban or rural setting.

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A Durango firm makes energy-efficient building materials from timber felled during fire mitigation