Canadian Timberframes Purchases Canada’s First “Hundegger K2 Industry(i) 1300” Machine

Canadian Timberframes (CTF), located in Parson, British Columbia, is a premier design and manufacturer in the timber frame industry. CTF has announced that it has purchased Canada’s first Hundegger K2 Industry(i) 1300 machine. The largest and most advanced K2i to come to Canada, this machine will increase CTF’s timber size capacity by 500 percent, enabling them to cut large scale engineered wood products. This machine is scheduled for installation in Fall 2022.

The newly purchased CNC machine with a 6-axis robot is one of the most efficient and comprehensive solid wood processing machines for heavy timber and glulam in the mass timber industry. With over 34,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity to come, this new machine enables them to run larger timber sections (18 x 51 x 70’), handle more complex & larger scale commercial projects in both timber & mass timber, and deliver results that align with CTF’s reputation of excellence.

Jeff Bowes, CTF’s President said, “This expansion and new machine is our commitment to our expanding industry and our industry partners. Combining both the most advanced K2i 1300 with an in-sequence 6-axis robot, this new machine allows us to meet the growing requirements of the mass timber industry, while simultaneously increasing our capacity to produce authentic timber frame products.”

Bowes also announced that CTF is increasing the size of their facility by 50 percent, adding an additional 10,000 sq. ft. to their facility, to accommodate this machine and further optimize production.

Hans Hundegger, founder and president of Hundegger, noted that this purchase comes twenty-two years after Canadian Timberframes brought Canada’s first Hundegger K2 machine to the country. Hundegger said they are once again innovating. “We congratulate Canadian Timberframes on the upcoming installation of the largest and most advanced K2i in Canada, and one of the largest and most advanced installations in North America.”

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