Skeena Sawmills Indefinitely Closes Its Terrace, BC, Sawmill Facility and Pellet Plant Subsidiary

Skeena Sawmills Ltd. announced on Tuesday (2-6-23) that it was closing down its Terrace, British Columbia, sawmill for an undetermined length of time, according to reporting by the Terrance Standard. The company cited high operating costs, lack of a secure fiber supply, and weak markets. The shutdown will begin Wednesday, February 8, 2023, and impact 150 employees.

Monday’s statement follows a January 9, 2023, announcement from the company saying it had halted the delivery of logs, the Terrance Standard said. Skeena noted that the mill would remain in operation until such time as all of the existing log inventory had been consumed.

The closure will also include the next-door pellet plant subsidiary, Skeena Bioenergy, which processed residue from the Terrace mill operation.

A company statement indicated that Skeena remains confident it will re-open when conditions improve.

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