Central Alabama Wood Products Goes High Tech

In June of 2020 when many companies were fighting to keep their doors open, Central Alabama Wood Products, located in Coosa County, Alabama, made the decision to make a major investment in their mill and their future. Pat McGinn with Central Alabama Wood Products notes that “We make a lot of lumber and cross ties here.” McGinn has a joint venture with Bass Lumber Company and Industry Timber and that he says made all the difference for his company and the huge changes they were able to make. In speaking about the changes at the facility McGinn said, “It’s a fully automated mill. People don’t have to put their hands on the lumber. Everything is scanned through the five processes and optimized for what the best value of the lumber is.” The finished products coming from Central Alabama Wood Products are used for everything from railroad ties, to manufacturing of pallets, flooring and furniture. All created by a high-tech robotic dance with massive pieces going from station to station in the sawmill.

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County Road 12: Coosa County saw mill goes high tech