B.C. Premier Calls for Provincial Forestry Companies to Share Profits and Equipment to Help with Wildfires

British Columbia’s Premier John Horgan, while touring the Southeast Fire Centre in Castlegar on Wednesday (7-21), said that he expected other companies to follow the lead of Canfor Corp. in shutting down operations as trains, roads, and forest activity are disrupted by wildfires. Horgan went onto say that Lumber company shutdowns due to B.C.’s early and hot wildfire season are a needed break, and a chance for big forest companies to share record profits and equipment needed to help preserve forests. Natural Resources Canada noted that this summer is shaping up as a third season of widespread forest fires, after 2017 and 2018 set records for area burned and forced evacuations. The other side of the hot fire season in the B.C and Ontario, as well as in Washington State, Oregon and California, is lumber future prices have begun to bounce back this week as analyst expect additional fire-related shutdowns.

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