Canfor Announces Continuation of BC Taylor Pulp Mill Curtailment Due to Ongoing Transportation Issues

Canfor announced in its Q2 2022 results that its BC Taylor Pulp Mill curtailment would continue until such time as “more normal” transportation levels return to its pulp and paper mills.

The update in Canfor’s Q2 results confirms the company’s previous announcement made in May, which said the curtailment would remain in effect until the fall. The original curtailment announcement was made in February 2022 and was followed by a six-week extension announced in March 2022. Canfor cited transportation issues when initially announcing the curtailment, saying the shortages resulted in “continued high finished product inventories” at the pulp mill.

According to the company’s Q2 results, the curtailment at Taylor Pulp Mill has resulted in reduced production by about 60,000 tons.

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