Boise Cascade to Invest $140 Million to Support Its Engineered Wood Products Growth Strategy in Alabama and Louisiana

On Wednesday, Boise Cascade announced new investments totaling $140 million over the next two years in its Alabama and Louisiana facilities in support of its engineered wood products (EWP) growth strategy.

In Alabama, Boise Cascade is adding I-joist production capabilities to its Thorsby EWP mill and converting a plywood layup line to a parallel laminated veneer line at the Chapman plywood facility, according to a press release. The Chapman investment adds important integration into the company’s EWP growth plans. In addition, the Chapman plywood facility extended employment opportunities to approximately 50 of the 80 associates affected by the recently announced Chapman lumber operations curtailment.

At its Oakdale, Louisiana, facility, Boise Cascade plans major projects that include the upgrade and redesign of the log utilization center, a new veneer dryer and press, and the modification of an existing veneer dryer. These investments are expected to take place over a two-year period.

In remarks accompanying the announcement, Boise Cascade Senior Vice President of Wood Products Manufacturing Operations Chris Seymour said:

“We are looking forward to these major expansions and upgrades to further solidify our market position in EWP. We have great teams in the southeastern US and are pleased to further invest in our meaningful asset bases in Alabama and Louisiana.”

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