EACOM Timber Corp. Turns to International Recruitment to Fill Labor Gap in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec

A shortage of available workers to fill open positions at EACOM Timber Corp.’s northern Ontario and Quebec sawmills has the company turning to an international recruitment company for assistance.

According to Jean Brodeur, EACOM’s director of communications and government relations, “Employment has been an issue for us in Northern Ontario or northern Quebec. It’s isolated communities. If you look at Timmins or other sites we have, it’s very difficult to find employees available.”

EACOM has been working with the IVEY Group, a Sudbury, Ontario-based international recruitment and consulting firm, for several years to aid them in recruiting and retaining workers in their northern communities.

According to Brodeur, about 10 international workers from the Ukraine, Mexico and Honduras have already arrived in Gogama, Ontario. More employees are expected, including a group of six arriving in the winter, Brodeur said.

Anthony Lawley, the CEO and president of IVEY Group, noted that hiring internationally has become essential due to the labor shortage and the skills gap. Lawley said IVEY Group currently recruits’ employees in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ukraine for its clients.

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Forestry company filling skills gap, labour shortage through international recruitment