All Six Freres Lumber Company Mills Survive The Beachie Creek Wildfire Undamaged

Rob Freres, the president of Freres Lumber Company is reporting the all six Freres mills located in Lyons and Mill City Oregon have survived the Beachie Creek wildfire undamaged. Sadly, many parts of the towns of Lyons, Mill City, Detroit and other small towns located along the Santiam River and Detroit Lake did not fare as well. Freres went onto say that “A great deal of our family timberland I think has been hammered. He said he believes much of the company’s road-building equipment has also probably been destroyed. But our company’s losses pale compared to the “loss of life and people’s homes and businesses.” The mills will resume operations as soon as practical and the company’s plan at this point is to go ahead with the planned expansion despite the fire.

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