Vinkovci, Croatia, based DI Spačva Timber Company Announces Prospective Buyers Have Started Due Diligence on the Company

DI Spačva, a timber company, based in Vinkovci, Croatia, has announced that prospective buyers have started conducting their due diligence on the company. DI Spačva consists of five factories: a sawmill, a parquet production plant, a final products factory, a veneer factor, and a bio-fuels factory. The current majority stockholder Quaestus Private Equity Kapital II, which holds a 75.81% interest in the company, announced in mid-October 2020 that it intended to sell their four million shares in DI Spačva. The company has not revealed who the potential buyer or buyers might be. However, Spačva’s export markets include Italy, Romania, France, Serbia, Germany and Great Britain leaving the door open to a wide variety of speculation.

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Prospective Buyers Conducting Due Diligence in DI Spačva Timber Company