Timber Begins Shipping from Kangaroo Island Even While the Smith Bay Port Project Remains in Limbo

The window of opportunity for salvaging and shipping timber impacted by last year’s Australian bushfires is quickly approaching. Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber (KIPT) needs to move both fresh and damaged crop off the island and to the mainland. The original plan, which KIPT says they remain fully committed to, was its proposed Smith Bay port on the island’s north coast. It was and still is the most effective way to move an estimated 4.5 million tons of fresh and fire-impacted timber off the island. However, the approval process for the endeavor remains in limbo. Thankfully, Keith Lamb, KIPT’s managing director has been exploring two alternative plans which have now been put into action. The existing ramp facility at Kingscote wharf and the SeaLink passenger ferry service from Penneshaw. The first load of logs moved on ferry service last month, but Lamb doubts that the local residence are going continue to tolerate traveling with timber for an extended period of time. The logs leaving KIPT will be used on the mainland for local structural lumber markets and sawmills as well as export markets.

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Timber company begins shipping logs off Kangaroo Island ahead of port decision