Swedish Wood Manufacturer VIDA Investing 10 Milliion Euros in 6 Valutec Continuous Kilns

VIDA, a global supplier of manufactured wood products from sustainable Swedish forests, has announced that it is investing over 10 million Euros in Valutec continuous kilns that will be installed at 6 of the group’s sawmills.

The mills located in in Alvesta, Tranemo, Vimmerby, and Vislanda will have Valutec FB model continuous kilns installed. The mill in Bruza will have a Valutech OTC model kiln installed, and the mill in Borgestena will have a Valutech TC model kiln installed.

VIDA has indicated that it intends to have all 6 continuous kilns operational in 2022. This will increase VIDA’s annual drying capacity by around 400,000 m3 (169.5 million board feet), while streamlining energy consumption and raising drying quality.

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Valutec to supply Euro 10 million lumber kilns to VIDA in Sweden