Sweden’s Setra Announces Plans to Expand Drying Capacity at Heby and Hasselfors Sawmills

Setra, one of Sweden’s largest wood products companies, has announced that it intends to expand its drying capacity at their Heby and Hasselfors sawmills.

Setra’s CEO Katarina Levin explained, “The investment is part of the development strategy for Setra in Bergslagen.” Ms. Levin added that, “Setra is investing heavily in greater refinement of wood at resource-efficient production units in the Bergslagen area. This is positive from a sustainability perspective, as it helps to lower the climate footprint of our production and to ensure that we manufacture greener and more climate-smart products.”

The investment in both high-capacity drying kilns totals SEK 100 million. In total, Setra has invested more than SEK 1 billion in Bergslagen over the past four years.

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Setra makes major investment in Bergslagen to expand drying capacity at the sawmills in Heby and Hasselfors