Stora Enso Strengthening Focus on Specialized Pulp Grades

Stora Enso announced on Tuesday (12-13-22) that it was strengthening its focus on specialized pulp grades by investing €38 million in unbleached kraft pulp (UKP) production at its Enocell site in Finland and €42 million in fluff pulp production improvement at its Skutskär site in Sweden. Stora Enso says that these investments will support the growing consumer demand for non-bleached renewable packaging and hygiene products.

According to the company, both investments fall within the Group’s capital expenditure guidance.

The Enocell site’s annual capacity is 630,000 tons of softwood and hardwood pulp, and it employs approximately 280 people. The Skutskär site’s annual capacity is 545,000 tons of fluff, softwood, and hardwood pulps, and it employs approximately 420 people.

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