Segezha Group Building New Plywood Processing Shop and Upgrading Existing Production Lines at Vyataky Plywood Mill

The Segezha Group has announced that it is investing approximately RUB 5 billion ($69 million) in constructing a new plywood processing shop and is upgrading their existing production lines at its Vyataky Plywood Mill in Kirov, Russia.

When the project is completed, the veneer and plywood processing capacity of the mill will increase by 63,500 m3 per year (from 192,000 to 255,000 m3). The share of high margin products in total output will go up from 22% to 47%.

The main construction work on the new 10,000 m2 plywood processing shop started in September.

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Segezha Group invests about RUB 5 billion ($69 million) in Vyatsky Plywood Mill in Russia