Red Stag Timber Weeks Away from Opening New CLT Plant in Rotorua New Zealand

Red Stag Timber, an independent and privately owned timber company based in Rotorua, New Zealand, has announced it is weeks away from opening a new $50 million (A$) wood processing plant in Rotorua. The plant will produce cross laminated timber (CLT). The Red Stag facility will have the capability of producing CLT panels that can exceed 16 meters by 4 meters in size, which will allow for fewer connectors and an overall faster construction process. The opening of the plant will help alleviate New Zealand’s timber shortage. The plant will add 5% to the capacity of the New Zealand wood processing sector. That equates to around two thousand dwelling units, or most of the estimated shortfall in current timber supply. Red Stag group CEO, Marty Verry, said “CLT has a value sweet spot in large-format structures, buildings of three stories or more, and for mid-floors in terraced housing built to the NZS 3604 standard. Apartment buildings and fast-to-install CLT mid-floors will be our residential focus areas.”

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Red Stag to open new CLT factory in Rotorua, New Zealand