Norra Skog to Build a New Timber Terminal in Östavall, Sweden

Norra Skog has announced it is investing SEK 57 million in the construction of a timber terminal to be built on a former sawmill site in Östavall, Sweden.

In a press release, Henrik Jönsson, an Industrial Manager at Norra Skog, said the Östavall timber terminal will be “located in a geographically strategic area for our operations and the investment is also in line with our sustainability work where we are constantly working to lay timber on rails instead of using long transports via poorly maintained northern roads.”

Jönsson says his goal is have Östavall operational sometime in the second half of 2024. The facility will initially employ two to three people but more could be added if needed. In the future, Jönsson sees an opportunity to use the facility to handle and store biofuels, but its major focus will be on roundwood.

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