KPA Unicon to Invest in Modernization of Existing Boiler Plant at Timber Sawmill in Keitele, Finland

A large-scale modernization investment in an existing boiler plant at the Keitele Timber sawmill located in Keitele, Finland had been agreed upon by KPA Unicon and Keitele Energy. The investment is in cleaner energy production and modernization of the plant’s automation and other systems.

The modernization project will be implemented during 2022. The Keitele sawmill mainly produces pine and spruce sawn timber, with exports accounting for 94% of production in 2020.

The heat generated by the new energy system will be used to dry the timber produced by the sawmill. As a fuel the plant will utilize the by-products of the sawmill, such as sawdust and cutter chips, as well as bark, wood chips and milled peat.

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KPA Unicon to modernize boiler plant at Keitele Timber sawmill in Finland