Fierce Dry Lightning Storm Sparks Dozens of Bushfires in Western Australia

On Monday (1-9-23), a fierce summer dry lightning storm struck southern Western Australia with an estimated 300,000 lightning strikes. As a result, dozens of bushfires have been sparked and a large response of firefighters and emergency crews, aided by aerial support, is currently underway.

Areas under various bushfire emergency watches/warnings include areas north of Preston National Park, Wellington National Park, parts of Glen Mervyn, Mumballup, Norggerup, and Yabberup. Also included are parts of Beelerup, Brookhampton, and Charley Creek—all located on the outskirts of Donnybrook.

Evacuation centers have been opened at Donnybrook and Boyup Brook for residents’ impact and temporarily displaced by the fires.

While many bushfires have been brought under control, authorities are saying it will take a considerable about of rainfall to finally snuff them completely out.

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