EU Provides Questions and Answers on its Fifth Round of Restrictive Measures Against Russia

The European Union has provided additional background information, via a set of questions and answers, explaining its imposition of a fifth round of restrictive measures on Friday (4-8-22) against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine.

According to EU document:

“It is important to sustain utmost pressure on Putin and the Russian government at this critical point. The four packages of sanctions have hit hard and limited the Kremlin’s political and economic options. We are seeing tangible results. But clearly, in view of events, we need to increase our pressure further. That is why the EU has taken further sanctions today. They are broader and sharper, so that they cut even deeper into the Russian economy.

Sanctions are targeted at Putin, the Kremlin, and its accomplices. They aim to weaken the Russian government’s ability to finance its war of aggression against Ukraine and are calibrated in order to minimize the negative consequences on the Russian population. They are imposing a clear economic and political cost on Russia’s political elite, while diminishing its economic base. They are well coordinated with our international partners.

In addition, sanctions are designed to maximize the negative impact for the Russian economy while limiting the consequences for EU businesses and citizens. Ensuring an effective and diligent implementation of sanctions is key to prevent circumvention. This is primarily the responsibility of Member States.

In this process, the European Commission is fully committed to assisting them and ensuring a consistent implementation across the Union.”

View the original source for the full list of questions and answers.

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Question and answers on the fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia