Brazilian Exports of Wood-Based Products Increased 24% Year-Over-Year in March 2021

According to the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), the value of Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) in March 2021 amounted to US$321.9 million — an increase of 24% when compared to March 2020, when they were valued at US$206.6 million. Pine sawnwood exports increased in value 26% year-over-year to US$49 million up from US$39 million. Pine plywood exports saw a surge of 81% in value in March 2021 in comparison with March 2020, from US$43.0 million to US$78.0 million. In volume terms export volumes increased by just 14% over the same period, from 182,400 cu.m to 208,100 cu.m. As for tropical plywood, exports increased in volume (41.3%) and in value (40.0%), from 4,600 cu.m (US$2 million) in March 2020 to 6,500 cu.m (US$2.8 million) in March 2021. March was a good month for wooden furniture exports where export earnings increased from US$46.2 million in March 2020 to US$63.2 million in March 2021, an almost 40% jump.

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Tropical Timber Market Report