Australia Looks to Grow Log Trade With India

With the embargo imposed by China on the importation of Australian logs still in effect, it is becoming a race against time to find a home for the thousands and thousands of logs that are sitting at the dock at Bunbury Port awaiting shipment. Australia has the processing capabilities to keep and use those logs domestically, however, the price difference between internal usage and exported whole logs is significant. Gary Addison owns one of the companies that has been negatively impacted by the ban. His company’s output was 100% in the export of logs to China. Mr. Addison has been working diligently to find a new customer for his and others logs. After many overtures to countries in Asia, Mr. Addison is reporting that India has showed great interest in securing logs from Australia and he is hoping that their demand will make India the new China for his Australia.

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China trade ban paves the way for India as new market for Australian timber