Zanzibar to Become Home to World’s Tallest Hybrid Mass Timber Tower

The island of Zanzibar, in the Republic of Tanzania, will soon be home to the world’s tallest hybrid mass timber tower. The 28-story mixed residential and commercial building will reach a height of 96 meters, or 315 feet. It will exceed the height of the current tallest hybrid building, the Ascent, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which currently sits at 85.4 meters, or 280 feet.

The project is being developed for the real estate company CPS Zanzibar Limited. Named Burj Zanzibar—“BURJ” meaning tower in Arabic—the high-rise is dubbed as a “vertical green village” for its lavish green roof gardens and planted balconies, all which aim to further reduce the carbon footprint of the building. The design of the mixed-use apartment and commercial building displays a playful architectural style combing modern urban trends with local culture, reminiscent of a beehive with honeycombs.

Burj Zanzibar will feature a steel-reinforced concrete core, designed to meet all required fire and life safety standards. It will also use locally available wood as building material to enhance its sustainability outcomes.

The project is being executed by a consortium of leading specialists from Austria, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the U.S.

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