Stora Enso Strengthens Its Position in France With Purchase of 35% Stake in ACDF Indstrie SAS

Stora Enso has announced that it has invested in the French wood process company ACDF Indstrie SAS. Stora Enso has taken a 35% stake in the company.

According to the company website, the investment is aligned with Stora Enso’s growth strategy for mass timber building elements, enabling value-added, bespoke cross-laminated timber (CLT) solutions to its long-term French partners.

ACDF Industrie SAS works predominately in the French market, providing all engineered wood products such as CLT, glulam, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and manufactures them into various value-added products such as walls, floors, or roof elements for residential and non-residential buildings.

ACDF recently announced it is in the process of building a second production line. When complete, ACDF say it will increase the capacity of the mass timber elements, and it is planned to be operational in February 2023.

In addition, Stora Enso has advanced its strong partnership network in France by signing a business partnership with Bouygues SA, securing a stable delivery of CLT to Bouygues’ building projects.

Commenting on the recent investment in ACDF, Lars Völkel, executive vice-president of Stora Enso’s Wood Products division, said, “France is one of our priority markets for growth, with building regulations favoring sustainable, renewable materials and low carbon property development. This investment builds on Stora Enso’s capacity to produce CLT and LVL near sustainably managed forests, and ACDF Industrie´s readiness to further process our wood products into walls, floors, and roofs near construction sites all over France. This partnership strengthens our market reach and position as a leading global provider of sustainable engineered wood products.”

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