Oregon Vineyard Installs Mass Timber Roof for Winery Pavilion

Domaine Willamette is the latest venture of Willamette Valley Vineyards, a leading Oregon producer of Pinot Noir. On Tuesday (9-6-22), a new roof for its outdoor pavilion made from sustainable, Oregon-made mass timber panels was set into place.

Jim Bernau, founder and CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards and Domaine Willamette, noted that the sparkling winery is a representation of how Oregon winemakers are growing and producing sustainable wines.

With the same desire for sustainability, Bernau selected Mass Plywood products from Freres Engineered Wood for their environmental sustainability, ease and speed of installation, and natural beauty that blends aesthetically with the surrounding outdoor environment.

Building with wood sequesters carbon for the life of the product and new trees are planted to continue the carbon-sequestering process. Manufacturing wood products requires much less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than concrete and steel.

The panels placed on Tuesday stored approximately 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the environment, which is the equivalent of taking 39 cars off of the highway, said Tyler Freres, vice president of sales for Freres Engineered Wood.

Freres also uses salvaged timber in its products, including timber from the Beachie Creek Fire that took place two years ago.

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Domaine Willamette Raises Roof of Outdoor Pavilion with Sustainable, Oregon-Invented Panels from Freres Engineered Wood