New Tokyo Pavilion Made of Cross-Laminated Timbers Appears to Spiraling into the Sky

The Japanese architectural firm Kengo Kuma has adapted the use of cross laminated timber (CLT) in its newly constructed temporary pavilion in Tokyo. The pavilion was designed for events and performances in Tokyo’s Harumi district. At first glance, the building appears to be spiraling up into the sky. The semi-outdoor pavilion was built with a steel frame and 8-inch thick CLT panels measuring approximately five feet by 11 feet. To prevent rain and wind while taking in light, Kengo Kuma utilized transparent high-performance fluoresin film called TEFKA to fill the spaces between panels. The CLT used for the project were made from Hinoki cypress at a factory located in Maniwa City, Japan.

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Cross-laminated timber pavilion spirals up to the sky in Tokyo