New Mass Timber Elementary School Coming to Kamloops, BC

Elementary school students in Kamloops, BC, will soon benefit from a modern new school. The BC provincial government has provided $65.3 million (CAD) for a new 485-seat elementary school. The new school will serve students from kindergarten to grade 7 and will include a learning center, which will be used for programs and services, including childcare, which will benefit the broader community.

Mass timber will be used in the new school’s design, where appropriate. It will also include greenhouse gas reduction measures that will set the building’s emissions at least 50% lower than the current LEED Gold Standards. In addition, the school will be built with a climate-resilient building design that will better equip the school to stay cool during extreme heat. Construction on the school is anticipated to start in spring 2024 and open in summer 2026.

Investments in new schools are part of the provincial government’s commitment to ensure every BC student has better access to education, community services, recreation, and culture.

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