Mass Timber Passive House Condo Project Coming to Toronto

A venture between R-Hauz, Windmill Development, and Leader Lane to build the first-ever mass timber passive house condominium project in Toronto is in the design phase.

The project will include three six-story residential buildings to be built near the Mimico GO station in Etobicoke and will have a total of 83-units. R-Hauz has been working to create a repeatable design that can be easily built on sites in close proximity to one another.

A majority of the materials used in the building, including wall panels and flooring, will be prefabricated in a factory off-site and then trucked in when builders need the materials and be assembled at the worksite. The goal is to reach passive house standards, and the team will be targeting LEED Platinum certification and the One Planet Living sustainability framework, which is comprised of 10 principles and detailed goals.

Kyle Power, director of construction at R-Hauz, said:

“We’re trying to focus on a repeatable product where we can really establish a kit of parts and then dial it into a site and, in this case, we can copy and paste three times which allows us to build it quicker and make it more efficient for the trades and everyone down the supply chain that’s involved. Our big focus right now is trying to prefabricate the wall panels, including pre-cladding them, and prefabricating the floors. We’re looking at some other elements, but we have to be conscious of what the supply chain is capable of delivering. It’s just trying to get the market to come with us and see that it can be done differently.”

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