Katerra Becomes North America’s Only End-to-End supplier of Mass Timber

Katerra, has become North America’s only end-to-end supplier of mass timber. Katerra is the only company that can offer under one roof, design, engineering and construction services, in addition to material production and distribution. This fully-integrated approach stands alone in the North American construction market, further strengthened by technology and Katerra’s supply chain prowess—extensive product performance testing, scaled purchasing power, and high-volume fabrication—resulting in mass timber building systems of the highest quality on the market, more efficiently and widely available than ever before outside of Europe. Katerra Director of Mass Timber Integration, Nick Milestone said, “Cross-laminated timber is more than a structural building material. It is an opportunity to evolve the very nature of building design and construction, and we believe that it will be the backbone for future generations of high-performance, low-carbon buildings. With an integrated, technology-driven team, every discipline works together to continually improve production speed, efficiency, and quality. Today we have the capacity to supply roughly one 250,000-square-foot building per week which positions Katerra to help dramatically scale CLT production across  North America and drive growth across the industry.”

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