F.H. Stoltze Announces Formation of Stoltze Timber Systems Inc., with Builder Pat Clark and Other Investors

The oldest family owned lumber company in Montana, F.H. Stoltze Land and Lumber Company has announced that they are joining forces with builder Pat Clark and other investors to form Stoltze Timber Systems, Inc. Clark said he has been in talks with Stoltze leadership for several years on such a facility. As a builder, Clark has been working with cross-laminated timber products for decades. The new facility will be built across the road from the Stoltze sawmill. Paul McKenzie, resource manager at Stoltze said, “With our new plant, we’ll be solving many problems across many interest groups as we’re helping to mitigate the overabundance of small-diameter timber in our forests that currently has limited marketable value, for one. Secondly, we are offering a whole build system that is efficient to construct, sustainable for the resource, and fundamentally a better way to build. The effort of removing that small tree is now mirrored by a superior, high-value product with high demand.”

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