Denver’s Tallest Mass Timber Building Scheduled to Break Ground in July 2023

“Return to Form,” a new 12-story mass timber building located in Denver’s River North (RiN0) district, is scheduled to break ground in July 2023.

The mass timber will be made from Douglas Fir harvested in the Pacific Northwest, and the building is being designed so that walls and ceilings are exposed wood. Large windows will slide open. Only a small percentage of the building will be made with concrete, including the foundation, stairs, and elevator core.

Commenting on the building’s design, Michael Moore, founder and design principal of Tres Birds, said:

“The recent development of mass timber construction allows us—for the first time in history—to design a high-rise building structure out of a renewable resource: trees. This new fire-resistant building material is renewable, hence healthy for the planet. Trees utilize carbon to make oxygen, and vegetation cools the earth…”

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