Respondents to FEA’s Weekly Order Survey are Reporting Slightly Slower Sales

Dealers responding to the Weekly Order Survey are reporting that while their businesses remain steady to strong, the pace was slightly slower than in previous weeks. Participants noted that many projects are advancing towards their completion phase and therefore are using less construction grade materials and more interior finished products. Several new projects have or are in the process of being bid. Dealers are reporting that recently quoted projects have been met with various levels of sticker shock. Builders and contractors continue to voice their concerns about their ability to pass the higher costs of materials onto their customers. Rapidly increasing prices, late shipments from both mills and secondaries and pockets of expanding COVID-19 cases, all continue to top the list of participants concerns. Depending on the specific product mix and tally, mills are quoting production anywhere from the week of 9/7, to as far out as the week of 9/28. Late shipment due to production (both mechanical and personnel) and transportation issues have producers shipping anywhere from as little as 2-weeks to as many as 8-9 weeks behind schedule. Again, this week, secondaries are reporting having either limited ownership or on-ground inventory. Making tight product availability, even tighter.

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