Canadian Pacific Railway Resumes Operations After Agreeing to Binding Arbitration with Teamsters of Canada Rail Conference Union

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) resumed operations at Noon (MDT) on Tuesday (3-22-22) after reaching an agreement with the Teamsters of Canada Rail Conference union (TCRC), which represents more than 3,000 conductors, engineers, and yard workers at the railway, to resolve their labor dispute through binding arbitration.

The agreement for binding arbitration comes after six months of contract negotiations and mediation between both parties, and a 2-day suspension of freight operations across CP freight lines.

Details of the agreement weren’t disclosed. Binding arbitration typically allows an employer and union representatives to present their contract demands to an independent arbitrator, who then can decide on such terms as wage increases and benefits. In some cases, certain contract terms can be subject to a vote by union members.

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