Blockades of Canadian Railroads Taking Toll on Canada’s Commerce and Economy

The Canadian Pacific Railway has now joined the list, along with the Canadian National Railway and Via Rail passenger service, whose tracks are being blockaded by protesters in a show of solidarity with Wet’suwet’en First Nation hereditary chiefs’ opposition to an LNG pipeline coming across native land. The blockade is forcing a diversion of an Atlantic Container Line (ACL) vessel from the Canadian gateway Port of Halifax to a U.S. port instead. A second ACL vessel is also set to make the same diversion, if the blockade is not ended. Elsewhere concerns about a propane shortage in Quebec have been raised. The Canadian economy is already feeling the drag of the blockade. There are also a large number of CN and Via Rail employees who have been furloughed, without pay, due to the suspension of service in Eastern Canada. Pressure is rising on the Trudeau government to resolve the crisis, though the prime minister has asked for patience.

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