Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic B.C. Tree Planters on Track to Plant 300 Million Seedlings this Summer

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and an exceptionally wet spring and early summer, British Columbia tree planters are on track to plant more that 300 million seedlings this year. To date, the planters have been able to plant 250 million trees and John Betts, executive director of the Western Forestry Contractors Association, believes they will be able to plant the remaining 50 million prior to the end of summer. Even more remarkable, according to Betts, is that none of the nearly 5,000 individuals recruited for tree planting in B.C., have tested positive for COVID-19. Betts said, “A lot of credit has to go to the workers for taking this very seriously.” Betts and his team are already preparing for next year’s planting season.

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