Tolko Provides Update on Its High Prairie, Alberta, OSB Mill Rebuild

On Monday (9-26-22), Tolko provided an update on its High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, OSB facility that was seriously damaged on May 20, 2022, due to a press fire at the mill. Tolko is describing the damage to the press and press building as significant, and much of the equipment within the building was a complete and total loss.

Tolko says it will be rebuilding the site and replacing the existing press line. The project is still in a preliminary engineering phase, and timelines are subject to change, but early estimates have the first new board being produced by the end of Q4 2023.

To date, the old press has been removed and crews will be reconstructing the building during the winter months so that work on preparing the plant for the new press can begin.

Besides the repairs, Tolko is reporting that several upgrading projects unrelated to the fire and substantial maintenance work is already underway on site. This includes the recent installation of equipment that was repurposed from its decommissioned Kelowna Mill.

The Alberta provincial government is being very supportive, Tolko said, adding that the ongoing relationship is key to ensuring that a viable fiber supply continues to be available to support its operations in the province.

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